About the book

Inside Broadmoor

Secrets of the Criminally Insane – Revealed by the Chief Attendant




One Chief Attendant…

Charles Bishop Coleman worked at Broadmoor Criminal Lunatic Asylum for 38 years between 1873 and 1912, where he met, guarded and wrote about the inside secrets of over 700 inmates.



Plus the criminally insane…

“One night, when alone in his Broadmoor cell, William Taylor suffered another attack of maniacal insanity and gouged out his own eyes with his fingers, completely destroying his sight.

Equal shocking tales of murder & mayhem…

‘Jack the Ripper’ suspects James Kelly and Thomas Hayne Cutbush were both locked up in Broadmoor. Only one escaped, and in this book the secret of how he did it is disclosed. Together with exclusive and never before published photographs of one of the ‘Ripper’ suspects, plus other dangerous patients.

You won’t want to miss the words of Chief Attendant Coleman in this revealing new book.

Available from May 2016 at:   http://www.amazon.com