Literary Thank You’s

C.B.C.'s Handbook

C.B.C.’s Handbook

In preparing my book ‘Inside Broadmoor : Secrets of the Criminally Insane – Revealed by the Chief Attendant’, I have learnt a great deal about publishing from, and been given much good advice by, Nichola McDonagh.  A successful published author, she has written several books including her dystopian sci-fi trilogy, the ‘Song of Forgetfulness’ series and her unusual suspense book, ‘Glimmer and Other Stories’.  For more information about her and her books please visit her website on:

or view and purchase her books on the Amazon Bookstore.

Others who provided useful feedback about the cover for ‘Inside Broadmoor’ are also published authors.  Do please also consider supporting their books at the Amazon Bookstore:

‘Pimple’ by Peter Scott  – (Trumpeting for a better world.)

‘Too Many Tenors’ by Ann Elliott  – (A ‘Trollopian’ cathedral saga.)